Who We Are

Cole Capital Funds

Cole Capital Funds charges ahead, introducing innovative investment strategies and providing access to best-of-class investments. The company’s commitment to maintaining a diversified and robust portfolio will be pivotal to its success.

We venture into various markets across the United States, securing investments in properties and companies that are leaders in their fields. This diversification strategy will act as a safety net against economic downturns and market fluctuations, ensuring consistent and reliable returns. Additional focus on providing a superior environment for the individual workers will make those companies more competitive.

About the CEO

Chief Executive Officer Moynahan Larmore is an exceptional industry leader with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation. He demonstrates impressive growth and a remarkable track record of large-scale deals and expanding investment portfolios.

Larmore has been instrumental in numerous high-value transactions throughout his career. At Cole Capital Funds, these skills will ensure new acquisitions, dispositions, and financing will be completed in the best-of-class manner. These deals will contribute significantly to the company’s growth and establish it as a major player in the investment arena.

Moynahan Larmore is committed to putting investors first. The value will be prevalent at Cole Capital Funds and lend to an impressive track record. This performance will be a testament to its prudent investment strategies, stewardship, and commitment to the long-term success of investors.

Cole Capital Funds’ roots trace back to the high standards established in 1979 when Christopher H. Cole founded Cole Companies. Larmore joined the organization in 1996 acquiring multiple assets as the organization evolved and expanded.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Moynahan Larmore’s vision was Cole’s shift in acquisition focus in 2005 to single-tenant net-leased investments. Larmore was the architect of this shift, which then culminated in a portfolio of properties with an enterprise value of over $20 billion.

Larmore is a visionary leader in real estate investments. He and his team have consistently delivered innovative and successful strategies, earning respect and accolades within the industry. This commitment to excellence and unwavering attention to the future have left an indelible mark on investing.

Moynahan Larmore’s stewardship and vision continue with Cole Capital Funds.